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Q: Where is the clubhouse?

   A: The clubhouse is located at 5819, O'Meara Street,  (Whitehorn Road & Britannia Road) Mississauga, Ontario.  Please call us (905)567-1655 or (416)567-4790 before you come for registration.

Q: Can I register by online, phone or through e-mail?

  A: Yes.  You can register by Online, phone or e-mail.  Cash, cheque and credit cards will be accepted for in person registration.  Cheque payable to "MISSISSAUGA CENTRAL SOCCER CLUB".  Do not forget to submit the registration form with your payment.

Q: What do I need to register my kid with MCSC?

  A: You need to bring your registration form.  Click here to find out more information about registration.

Q: Can we post date our cheques?

  A: The Mississauga Central Soccer Club does not accept post dated cheques as we operate on a first come first serve basis.  We are unable to guarantee positions without payment.

Q: What is your refund policy?

  A: All Refunds are subject to $50.00 administration fee. No Refunds will be given after the 1st game of the season or without receipt.

Q: Now that I have registered my kid.  What happens next?

  A: The summer season begins on 3rd week of May and winter season begins on 3rd week of October. The coach should contact you before 2nd week of May (for summer season), 2nd week of October (for winter season) and provide you with information at this time.  Please write your coaches name and phone number for reference purpose.  Click here to find out more information about our schedule and field locations.

Q: What does the first time player need?

  A: Each player gets Jersey, shorts, and socks from MCSC.  You will need to purchase indoor / outdoor soccer shoes (depends on the season) and soccer shin pads.

Q: What is the schedule?

  A: It depends on the age group.  The detailed schedule is posted on our website.  Please click here to find out more information about our schedule.

Q:  Where is the park or field is located?

  A:  It depends on the age group.  The location of the filed is posted on our website.  Please click here to find out more information about the location.

Q: What do we bring to the game?

  A: Please bring plenty of water for the game regardless of the weather.  Also please wear your complete uniform.  Sunscreen is optional but it is highly recommended.

Q: I want my child to play with ___________ or coached by ____________.  Can we request that?

  A: We are unable to arrange this as we have had difficulties in the past.  We would prefer that our players meet new friends and all teams are competitive within the division and that the outcome of a particular game is based on effort and skill on that day.

Q: I would like to sponsor MCSC.  What should I do?

  A: For your convenience you can download the copy of the "MCSC Sponsor Application Form" from our website.  Please click here to download the sponsor application.

Q: I would like to volunteer at MCSC.  What should I do?

  A: We are always on the look out for new volunteers and appreciate the help.  Please click here to to contact us to get more information regarding volunteering at MCSC.

Q:  What other programs or events are offered at MCSC?

  A: The club offers various programs for parents, coaches and players.  The season usually contains 10 - 15  games, house league tournaments, and award ceremonies.  Click here to find out more information our current events.

Advanced Registrations

- Winter (Indoor) Season
- Summer (outdoor) Season
- September
- April

 Season Starts

- Winter (Indoor) Season
- Summer (Outdoor) Season
- October 3rd week
- May 3rd week

Award Ceremony

- Winter (Indoor) Season
- Summer (Outdoor) Season
- March
- August
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